[ Janssen ] meeting & project room

A unique project came my way in the fall of 2015. I was tasked with redesigning an existing space within a large corporate building that was carved out for specific meetings and projects. The room, actually a corner of a large space, needed to show project statuses, visually tell the story of their development, and function as a collaborative work space as well. 

The CEO was expected to meet in this room regularly, sometimes with guests, so there had to be a real sense of company branding and appealing surroundings. The existing content required placement in a certain order. We had to use the existing room dividers, and find a way to display many different types of posters.


The original space had white boards and papers taped to the walls and room dividers. The main TV had to remain in place in the center of the wall.


We needed a solution that was flexible — posters that could be moved, updated, rearranged if needed. We developed a track system on the main back wall with foamcore posters placed onto a ledge. The information on the back wall had to be read left to right, so we used arrows to indicate direction.

For the side walls, we wrapped boards with velcro fabric so we could affix foam core poster board signs that had velcro tabs on the back. The signage needed to be able to be moved. The status charts were printed in house by the client as needed, and placed into clear sleeves. The sleeves were colored green, yellow or red to show project status at a glance.