[ Camelot ] Helping to announce big news

Philadelphia's 6ABC Action News covered an important announcement where Boston based "Jobs For The Future" will be partnering with Philadelphia's Camelot Excel South to create a unique collaboration for "second chance" learners, and serve as a model project for educators across the country.

Excel South is part of Camelot's Accelerated High School program located in Juniata Park. Jobs For The Future explained how impressed they have been with the phenomenal academic achievements by the Camelot program and with the handling of alternative education in the City of Philadelphia by Mayor Nutter. Just days prior to the event, CGC learned that our help was needed. 

CGC was asked to create a set of visuals for the announcement which included an invitation, statistical display boards and a backdrop featuring logo graphics and photography all generated by CGC. With little time to spare, CGC was able to provide what was needed in time for Camelot's important event. And, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the work on the evening news (Watch here). Congratulations to Excel South and the inspiring people at Camelot for Kids.


Jennifer CampbellComment