[ The Farm & Fisherman ] A logo study

Farm-to-table style dining is a rapidly returning trend in Philadelphia. Chef Josh Lawler had been planning and preparing to open a brand new restaurant in Philadelphia called The Farm & Fisherman but he needed some help establishing his look and style as well as promoting his fresh new establishment. Conversing with Lawler, CGC got a feel for the type of establishment he was looking to build and then we went to work. While MAC4 Communications developed a marketing strategy for the business, CGC created and developed numerous logo concepts for consideration. Understanding that the logo would be used in so many ways, it had to be fresh and unique like Lawler's vision, yet functional and flexible to be featured on everything from menus, to gift cards, etchings and engravings, a street sign and every promotion effort down the road. The resulting mark was a relaxed and playful icon that can be seen hanging at the front door at 1120 Pine Street in Philadelphia.


Jennifer Campbell2 Comments